Maximum Level of Performance
It is our ultimate goal to help you reach your full potential and hence resulting in a maximum level of performance.
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Preventing Injury
Injuries need not be a common phenomenon for a sportsperson. Let us help you prevent injuries through the right approach.
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Diet is a very important part of any sportsperson’s routine and for the right reason! We help you with a nutrition plan that suits You.
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About Us & Our Uniqueness

Helping you get to maximum level of Performance

Sportspersons needs for specialist care are quite different to that of a normal individual. Their body demands are different as the amount of physical activity is very high. We specialize in multiple streams under Sports medicine like sports orthopaedics, sports physiotherapy, sports nutrition and more.


Our doctors are passionate towards helping you get back on track and reach your full potential.


We help you recover from the injury, be it a musculoskeletal system pain or illness and maintain good health.


Vaidhyah Sports Clinic helps you with not just with a course of treatment but also with Faster Recovery.

Therapeutic Intervention

We help you with your injury, illness or any pain with therapeutic interventions at the right time.

Sports Orthopedics

Vaidhyah Sports Clinic specializes in Sports Orthopedics. There is an enormous difference between the Orthopedic care a regular individual requires to that of what an athlete requires. Athletes often injure their musculoskeletal system and we investigate, preserve and restore this system when affected by a sports activity. This is sure to help you perform better and achieve your goal.

Our team of doctors can help you recover from the musculoskeletal injury faster by implementing the best treatment methods. Visit us now to get an appointment!

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Having an injury during sports can affect your future performance due to the pain or illness that results later. We have Sports Injury Rehabilitation to help you with your every need to recover from the pain after an injury, be it musculoskeletal system pain or illness. We can help you maintain good health and recover at a faster pace through movement and therapeutic interventions.

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Sports Medicine

As a sports person, we know your medical requirements are different. Get the best care from Vaidhyah Sports Clinic, where we help you with your physical fitness, treating your injuries and work on ways to prevent those injuries in future.

We are a team of doctors specializing in Sports medicine, passionate in helping you reach your goals and we do it with expert care and treatment. Visit us now to experience it!

Sports Nutrition(Diet Plan)

Having a right diet plan is very crucial especially for a sports person. Diet plays a huge role in increasing your endurance and performance during the sport. Athletes train harder than a regular individual, so there is a need to consume more carbohydrate and nutrition in order to have that energy to expend during the training. And consuming more of it could lead to weight gain.

So let us help you with the right diet plan that suits your body to regulate your weight while keeping you energized in the meantime.

Visit us now and we’ll create a diet plan for you!

Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry is actually a new area in dentistry and for the right reasons. Sportsmen are more prone to erosion, tooth decay and dry mouth, etc,. So it is important to maintain oral health as it boosts performance.

We specialize in Sports Dentistry, we help athletes maintain and prevent any oral health issues and get you ready for the game!

Visit Vaidhyah Sports Clinic today and experience the best care yourself!

Sports Physiotherapy

Sustaining an injury during sports is very common and there’s a need for a proper physiotherapy treatment when such instances occur. We provide the best sports physiotherapy to help you prevent and manage injuries during sports for all levels of ability.

In Sports Physiotherapy, specific muscle groups are targeted to help you get back to your old self and revive from the injury. Get the benefit of our expert treatment today. Call us now and visit the clinic for a Sports Physiotherapy session!

Sports Weight Loss

There are many people who end up gaining a lot of weight while playing sports, this is mainly because training requires a lot of energy and they rely on carbohydrates for that. This will later cause weight gain, we at Vaidhyah Sports Clinic can help you lose those extra pounds and look your best. There are a number of different things that we follow to help you lose weight to play certain sports.

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Sports Weight Gain

There are a number of sports that require you to be at a certain weight scale but unfortunately you may not fit into the scale right now. Nothing to worry about! We will help you gain that weight in a short period of time with proper diet and exercise, mainly through sports that can help you gain those extra pounds in no time!
We have a specialized team of experts to help you on this journey and get you ready to reach your goals.

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Sports Psychology

Being a sportsman requires so much more than just being able to play your game, to do it right and give it your best, it is very important that you have the right mindset. So it is vital to take care of your mental health, our Sport psychologist can help you achieve professional excellence, enhance your performance by addressing the mental health issues you might have.

We focus on helping athletes overcome their problems and achieve their goal with the right approach.

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Sports Conditioning

In Sports Conditioning, we create an exercise program to increase the performance of the athlete steadily and minimize the risk of injury or illness. Conditioning will help you have betterperipheral skills, balance, enhance your coordination, increase mobility, strengthen the supporting muscles, correct your posture, stabilize your joints and so much more.

At Vaidhyah Sports Clinic, we believe in going that extra mile and getting you ready to achieve your dreams. What are you waiting for! Call us now and book an appointment today!

Sports Massage Therapy

Through Sports Massage Therapy, we help athletes cope up with their physically demanding lifestyles. It releases and reduces muscle tension in muscles and improves circulation. They also relax the body by encouraging the removal of waste products during high intensity training.

Our team of professionals will help you achieve that body relaxation you are looking for and help reduce and prevent the risk of injuries. Talk to our experts and book an appointment now!