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About Us & Our Uniqueness

Helping you get a Happy, Healthy Smile

Getting that prefect smile is not as difficult as you might think! We will help you get there. Our passionate team of doctors will help you address your dental issues and get a solution in no time. We have been in the industry for a long time and are known for the quality of service we provide.

Specialist Dentists

We are a team of specialist dentists who are passionate about providing the highest quality of care for our patients.


A soothing environment with a staff that adheres to hygienic protocols with 100% sterilization & best-in-class technology.


Our team of doctors do not compromise on the quality of the outcome. Exceeding your expectations is our ultimate goal.

Decades of Experience

We're so confident that you'll love your experience with standard protocols and decades of experience in dentistry.

International Quality Standards

We provide the utmost priority to meet high-quality standards with the necessary certification by the body.

1000s of Happy Smiles

We have treated 1000s of patients over the decades for their happy smiles with our utmost care and love.

Best clinic ever when I first got my root canal they were really gentle! And it was such clean and supportive environment.I have been going to the same clinic for 5 years now and I’m very happy with the results. If you are confused with what clinic you should go to ,I recommend this clinic ! 😊😊😊

Aarna Thetree

The treatment was really very excellent. They treat the patients well and provide the treatment as expected with the requirement. I had Root Canal treatment and Tooth filling for my front broken teeth. They met my expected result. Meeting the expectation of the patient is their main Moto.

Naga Kiran

The clinic is superb, DOCTORS ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL, cost is appropriate for the quality of treatment and sterilization protocol they follow, it is appropriate and at par with any other best clinic in the country. i highly recommend for any oral health related issues.

Trayi Vinay

I Would say this is a class leading clinic I have ever seen and undergone treatment till date. Very hygiene and neatly maintained. Friendly staff and most importantly Dr. Roopa and her colleague Doctors will explain the situation clearly and patiently which will give you confidence. we are very happy and satisfied here. I Definitely recommend.

Sudeep B N

Dr Roopa is very experienced dentist. She listens to her patients concern carefully and offers best possible service. Very satisfied with the treatment and charges are also nominal

Rohit Pandurangappa

    Digital X-RAY

    Most dental treatment procedures cannot be performed without proper imaging of the structure inside and around the oral cavity — that’s why we have digital X-ray facilities available at Dr. Tooth Clinique. Get premium quality digital X-rays of your teeth and other structures in your mouth to help your dental professionals identify the problem and how to treat it precisely.

    At Dr. Tooth Clinique, we have top-of-the-line X-ray imaging equipment to take clear pictures of your problem areas and highly-trained professionals to process and develop your X-rays for the best results. Avail diagnosis and treatment all in one place.

    Visit Dr. Tooth Clinique to take benefit of premium digital X-ray services TODAY!

    Cleaning and Polishing of Teeth

    Flash your pearly whites in a winning smile to create your best impression — get your teeth cleaned and polished for that chic look at Dr. Tooth Clinique. Toothbrushing is often not enough, and our teeth tend to accumulate stains and hard deposits, which make them look yellow. Getting professional help can restore the natural shade of your teeth and beautify your smile.

    We provide ultrasonic scaling services at Dr. Tooth Clinique, followed by a meticulous polishing regime that gives your teeth back their pearly white shade and shine; our host of qualified dental professionals perform the process with great care.

    Visit Dr. Tooth Clinique to add a polished smile to your dapper personality TODAY!

    RCT (Single Sitting)

    Lengthy dental procedures like RCT with multiple appointments can eat away your patience, not to mention cost you a lot of time. At Dr. Tooth Clinique, we aim to make our patients’ lives as easy as possible — and that’s why we offer single-sitting root-canal treatment (RCT) that de-vitalizes your and puts an end to any painful episodes you may ever experience with your problem tooth.

    Our team of certified and high-qualified dental professionals guarantees that you receive the best treatment, delivered with the utmost care. With the help of dentists at Dr. Tooth Clinique, you can expect to retain the functional structure of your tooth without experiencing the pain that comes from your infected pulp in a single sitting, which means that you will save hours and wouldn’t have to disrupt your busy schedules.

    Visit Dr. Tooth Clinique for single-sitting root-canal treatments for your decaying tooth TODAY!

    Tooth-Colored Restoration

    Gone are the days when your cavitated tooth had to be filled with a shiny steel-colored material that used to make you conscious about displaying your beautiful smile! Esthetics are very important for a world that loves selfies — which is why we offer tooth-colored restorations to our patients at Dr. Tooth Clinique. The purpose of tooth-colored restorations doesn’t end at estheticism; they are more resilient and bond better with your tooth so that your smile stays safe for years.

    At Dr. Tooth Clinique, our top dental professionals are highly skilled with complex therapeutic procedures, especially those involving the posterior teeth. We pride ourselves in providing the most effective tooth-colored restorations to our valued patients that can stand the test of time.

    Visit Dr. Tooth Clinique to benefit from our therapeutic procedures and high patient care standards TODAY!

    Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers

    To maintain proper appearance and functionality, even for decayed teeth, crowns, bridges, and veneers make a necessary addition to dental prosthetics. Dental bridges are auxiliary structures that fill the space left by one or more lost teeth. One or more crowns are attached to natural teeth (also called support abutments) on either side of the bridge to form the structure. Dental crowns resemble caps that rest on other teeth in the form of tooth-like systems. When properly positioned, dental crowns completely encase the tooth above the gum. They are utilized to enhance the size, shape, and look of a tooth with minor damage.

    At Dr. Tooth Clinique, our highly-qualified dental professionals provide crowns, bridges, and veneers as solutions to fill in spaces for missing teeth or protect misaligned or malocluded teeth from making you conscious about your appearance.

    Visit Dr. Tooth Clinique for availing prosthetic solutions for aesthetic purposes TODAY! 

    Tooth Extraction

    Tooth extraction is sometimes necessary to get rid of grossly decayed or infected teeth, which may harm adjacent teeth or other structures. Tooth extraction is an oral surgical procedure in which the dentist takes out a single tooth or multiple teeth that have lost structural integrity or are inherently infected under local anesthesia to relieve the patient from painful episodes. 

    At Dr.Tooth Clinique, we have cutting-edge tools and highly skilled dentists for effective and safe dental extraction. Providing the best dental care to our patients is critical, and that’s why we perform dental extractions with informed consent and utmost care.

    Visit Dr. Tooth Clinique to take advantage of our professional expertise in having a seamless dental extraction procedure TODAY!

    Oral & Dental Surgeries

    Surgery is scary, but why fear when our expert team of dental professionals from Dr. Tooth Clinique is here? Oral and dental surgeries account for a wide range of intra-oral and maxillofacial surgeries, including tooth extraction, dental implants, periodontal surgery, corrective jaw surgery, sleep apnea surgery, and cleft lip and palate correction.

    At Dr. Tooth Clinique, we aim to provide our patients with the best and safest oral and dental surgical procedures and premium quality post-surgical care. We also have specialist surgeons on call to help with complications if need be.

    Consult our dental professionals at Dr. Tooth Clinique, and have a new surgery experience tailored to your convenience.

    Laser Treatments

    The new-age technology of lasers is used at Dr. Tooth Clinique in several dental procedures, especially minor surgeries. Lasers need expert handling, and our team of dental professionals has mastered the art of laser surgery. 

    Whether you want to get rid of your frenal attachments, undergo flap surgery to better your periodontal health, or whiten your teeth, laser treatments are quick and painless and performed following all safety precautions at Dr. Tooth Clinique.

    Consult the qualified team of dentists at Dr. Tooth Clinique for any laser treatments you need.

    Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

    Embarrassed by your yellow teeth whenever you want to laugh out loud? You never have to feel shy of your smile again — once you get the pearly white teeth of your dreams, with bleaching, more commonly known as teeth whitening treatment, at Dr. Tooth Clinique.

    The method of teeth whitening involves brightening the color of the teeth. This involves either altering the teeth’s natural color or removing external stains that will provide the lightning effect. While intrinsic whitening includes the teeth absorbing gel that transforms their color, external whitening entails polishing the teeth. The dental professionals at Dr. Tooth Clinique are proficient in both.

    Consult our dental professionals at Dr. Tooth Clinique and walk away with an esthetic smile that suits your bright personality.

    Dental Implants

    A permanent solution for your missing teeth, especially if you’re a young individual, aged not more than 30 — dental implants are a highly effective prosthetic solution that we provide with the help of our expert staff at Dr. Tooth Clinique. 

    A dental implant is a titanium fixture that is surgically placed (most commonly screwed into the bone) and enables a dentist to put a replacement tooth there. Dental implants are typically placed in the jawbone just below the gum line. Dental implants are among the safest dental operations when performed by qualified hands. At Dr. Tooth Clinique, we have international-grade implants to be surgically instated by the most prolific team of prosthodontists, endodontists, and periodontists on call for this procedure to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment possible.

    Consult the qualified team of dentists at Dr. Tooth Clinique to avail dental implants as a treatment option under expert care handling.

    Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

    It’s okay to love your crooked smile, but if you don’t — come to Dr. Tooth Clinique to get the appropriate orthodontic treatment for your misaligned and malocluded teeth. You may require braces treatment if you have overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, narrow arches, jaw joint disorders, or incorrect jaw positions.

    The expert team of dental professionals at Dr. Tooth Dental Clinique is trained to advise and perform orthodontic treatment procedures to not only help rectify your smile but also prevent debilitating disorders that may arise from incorrect growth patterns and give you a less-than-perfect appearance. We also provide clear aligners and retainers, fashioned to appear invisible, similar to Invisalign. 

    Consult our dental professionals at Dr. Tooth Clinique to find out if you have any underlying orthodontic disorders and get the correct diagnosis and treatment for them.

    Pediatric Dentistry

    Did you know that a child should get their first dental check-up at six months? We at Dr. Tooth Clinique have a host of pediatric dentists specializing in providing health care focusing on children’s dental health from infancy through puberty. Pediatric dentists also treat patients with particular psychological requirements. Pediatric dentists can help with dental decay, delayed teething (when newborns’ teeth develop slowly or not at all), and misplaced teeth. Even though a child’s milk teeth eventually fall out, maintaining them is crucial for general hygiene.

    Visiting a dentist as a child has multiple benefits, including improved dental care habits. These more stable dental structures require fewer follow-up remedial operations, less anxiety about getting a tooth pulled, and improved knowledge about oral health and self-confidence. Dentists at Dr. Tooth Clinique are specially trained to deal with pediatric patients, and you can expect to receive the best care for your child from our staff.

    Consult the team of dentists at Dr. Tooth Clinique to avail yourself of the best pediatric dental care and treatment for your child.

    Smile Designing

    With our masterfully curated smile designing treatment at Dr. Tooth Clinique, beautify your teeth and make them shine like pretty pearls. Smile designing aims to recognize underlying dental problems and find a fitting solution that helps you get that beautiful smile. Our team of professionals is here to help improve your dental aesthetic.

    At Dr. Tooth Clinique, we have top-of-the-line equipment and highly qualified dentists to deliver safe and effective dental care. Whether we recommend Invisalign, dental crowns, composite veneers, or any cosmetic treatment, we promise to provide impeccable service.

    Consult our dental professionals and let us help you don your prettiest smile ever.

    Endodontic Retreatment

    Endodontic re-treatment involves a wide range of procedures, starting from deep cavity restorations to redoing root canal treatments. At Dr. Tooth Clinique, we specialize in providing our patients with relief from the pain of a constantly aching tooth as fast as we can — by identifying and advising the best treatment options for problems that require endodontic dental care.

    Endodontic re-treatment may be required for many reasons, including tooth decay, fractures, pulpal infections stemming from adjacent teeth, ineffective root canal restorations, and much more. Our team of dental professionals aims to correctly diagnose your situation before suggesting the correct immediate treatment procedures (even if that includes tooth extraction) so that you do not waste time looking for answers while whimpering in pain.

    Consult the dentists at Dr. Tooth Clinique to appreciate your best options to help you achieve pain relief for a tooth that requires endodontic retreatment. 

    Complete/Partial Dentures

    Fixed dentures delivered within five days! At Dr. Tooth Clinique, we guide patients with multiple missing teeth to get complete or partial dentures, depending on the number of missing teeth. Artificial teeth and gums are used to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be made for a complete set of teeth, a specific jaw, or a particular set of missing teeth. They must be updated every five years.

    Dentures are a terrific method to boost your self-esteem and smile and may also aid in preventing future harm to your gums and teeth. Although dentures need some upkeep and care, they are a significantly more affordable and minimally intrusive alternative to implants or other dental surgeries. The dental professionals at Dr. Tooth Clinique are proficient in helping you achieve the perfect look and fit with your dentures by guiding you through the complete process with expert care.

    Consult our dental professionals and get your set of perfect artificial teeth to boost your confidence and glamor.

    Flexible Dentures

    We at Dr. Tooth Clinique can provide a more comfortable option if you discover that your partial dentures are loose or painful to wear, mainly when chewing food. A flexible partial denture might be recommended as an alternative when our patients cannot wear a standard plastic partial denture. This is due to loose dentures’ ability to fit more comfortably and effectively by simply adjusting to any imperfections in the mouth.

    Our expert team of dental professionals will assist you in getting a well-fitting denture by closely collaborating with your mouth’s particular shape. There is no need for metal clasps because of the flexible fit. At Dr. Tooth Clinique, we value our patients’ comfort over anything else, which is why we have the option for flexible dentures so that your dentures don’t just fit but fit and look perfectly natural.

    Consult our team of dental professionals and get your set of natural-looking dentures that are flexible enough to bring out your most comfortable self.

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