State-of-the-art equipments
The best place to find a solution to your dental problems. We use modern equipment to provide you with the best treatment.
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Maximum Level of Performance
It is our ultimate goal to help you reach your full potential and hence resulting in a maximum level of performance.
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We Make Dreamy Healthy Hair a Reality!
We help you fight hair fall, thinning of hair and dullness and get rid of them for good! Replace them with healthy hair.
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Dr. Tooth Clinique

Best Dental Clinic with treatments ranging from Digital X-Ray, tooth extraction to Smile correction. We use top of the line equipment to provide you the best output. Our team of doctors at Dr. Tooth Clinic are qualified and friendly.

Vaidhyah Diagnostics

Our labs are well equipped with all the required machinery, lab technicians and doctor who report, interpret and follow up accordingly. Reports at Vaidhyah Diagnostics are accurate and reliable.

Vaidhyah Sports Clinic

We specialize in Sports medicine and have multiple treatments available like sports physiotherapy, sports massage therapy, Sports orthopaedics and a lot more. Consult us today to be your best self and excel in your sport!

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic Treatments at Vaidhyah are carried out by specific team of doctors that have been in the industry for years and have been recognised for their work. For any treatment related to skin, makeup, hair, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Why Choose Vaidhyah

We always care about the kind of health care service that we offer our patients over everything else.

Save time and money with us

We'll work with your budget and offer the best possible price for all your diagnostic tests. Our laboratory strives for excellence in patient care with its efficient processes. Experience our quality from the comfort of your home!

Because patients come first

Our team of experienced and highly skilled doctors will always put patients first - always.



The facilities available at Vaidhyah is known to be one of the best in the industry as we do not compromise on Quality. We do not fall short on anything when it comes to treatments.

Qualified and Professional Doctors

We only have Qualified and Professional teams of Doctors and Staff working with us. So you are in very capable hands to carry out all the treatments.

Address your Health Issues Now!

Talk to us now and take an appointment for us to help you take care of your health. At Vaidhyah we care about your health and give you the best treatment.

Gallery of Vaidhyah Hospital


Best clinic ever when I first got my root canal they were really gentle! And it was such clean and supportive environment.I have been going to the same clinic for 5 years now and Iā€™m very happy with the results. If you are confused with what clinic you should go to ,I recommend this clinic ! šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

Aarna Thetree

The treatment was really very excellent. They treat the patients well and provide the treatment as expected with the requirement. I had Root Canal treatment and Tooth filling for my front broken teeth. They met my expected result. Meeting the expectation of the patient is their main Moto.

Naga Kiran

The clinic is superb, DOCTORS ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL, cost is appropriate for the quality of treatment and sterilization protocol they follow, it is appropriate and at par with any other best clinic in the country. i highly recommend for any oral health related issues.

Trayi Vinay

I Would say this is a class leading clinic I have ever seen and undergone treatment till date. Very hygiene and neatly maintained. Friendly staff and most importantly Dr. Roopa and her colleague Doctors will explain the situation clearly and patiently which will give you confidence. we are very happy and satisfied here. I Definitely recommend.

Sudeep B N

Dr Roopa is very experienced dentist. She listens to her patients concern carefully and offers best possible service. Very satisfied with the treatment and charges are also nominal

Rohit Pandurangappa